Wabash Consultants is your strategic partner providing quality services with an experienced staff.

Our teams have an average of over 20 years of experience in the government sector.  A majority of our team members are Veterans with extensive tactical, operational, and strategic level experience.  By teaming with Wabash, you immediately tap into a significant talent pool and gain an automatic expertise increase.

What We do

Our focus is assisting your team to stay on brand, on voice, and on mission.  Our team of experienced marketers delivers recommendations and/or products backed by data and packaged according to your audience/ target market.

Our team of retired Senior NCOs, Warrant Officers, Company-Grade through General Officer, and civilian executives are adept and agile program managers. We have experience developing strategic plans (from the lowest to highest organizational levels) and executing your tactical, operational, or strategic plan.  Our teams are modular and can be tailored to fit your exact needs.

Our teams perform custodial services in all areas: bathrooms, common areas, breaks rooms, offices, and work areas.  Each of our teams include custodians and quality control supervisors.  We offer services that include either supplies and labor or labor only.

Our team of experienced trainers can perform in all or some of the following areas: planning, conducting, administering, or role playing.

Specialized in audiovisual event management, Wabash Consultants provides premium services for corporate events. We manage dynamic lighting, smooth live streaming, audiovisual assistance, and event preparation with a logical approach. Our constant dedication to providing outstanding product quality is what makes us unique. Surprisingly affordable, we deliver exceptional value without sacrificing quality. We are known for producing outstanding results and offer premium support on all bids submitted and awarded.

Our military logistics professionals open many doors for our clients.  Providing fully stocked, clean, and mobile portable latrines/ portable restrooms, handwashing stations, grey water tanks, and shower & laundry trailers is another turnkey solution that we provide.  


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers

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What They Are Saying

Wabash Continues to Grow

Please be sure to check our ever-growing suite of services.  Our contract specialists are continually adding additional NAICS codes.  Wabash has a broad reaching, diverse, and talented team of experts ready to overcome your organization’s obstacles.